Monday, February 24, 2014

Rock Hard Erections Everytime

The Passion Penis Pump is a very versatile tool, it has 4 main attributes including impotence recovery, penis enlargement or simply for pleasure. The Passion Penis Pump is a very easy to use device you simply place your penis into the cylinder and start pumping until erection is achieved. The device creates vacuum around your penis shaft, drawing in blood and causing even a soft penis to become rock hard.

Passion Penis Pump

With only a quick 1 minute of pumping on the Passion Penis Pump its possible to increase your erection length and girth by 2 cm, this is achieved by enlarging the size of the cavities of the spongy tissue inside the penis. So not only is the Passion Penis Pump a cure for impotence, it also doubles as a quick way to give you a huge erection.

The Passion Penis Pump has 4 main uses:

Anti Impotence: For drug free erections place the cylinder over your penis and gently pump the trigger. This will suck blood into your penis and cause it to become erect. Once your penis is erect, you can then use a Cock ring, to help sustain the erection and you can remove the cylinder. You will now have a huge rock hard erection, and be ready for sexual intercourse. The Cock ring (which is Free with every purchase of the Passion Penis Pump) will help prolong intercourse and create greater pleasure for both partners.

Penis enlargement: With only 10 minutes a day, the penis pump will overtime permanently increase the length and girth of your penis, by up to 5 cm. Average gains expected are 0.5cm to 1cm per month. Without any adverse side effects, or any abnormal function.

Passion Penis Pump Couple

Masturbation: By regulating the suction, you can pump yourself to orgasms of ecstasy, and what guy doesn't like having the cum sucked straight out of them? This is one of the main reasons most men enjoy using the Passion Penis Pump. The gentle sensation of sucking, produces an extremely pleasurable, relaxed and prolonged masturbation session not unlike the feeling of oral sex.

Sex Play: Many couples, have introduced a Passion Penis Pump to their sex play. Your girl will love to have this control over your penis. The Passion Penis Pump can also be used to suck the vaginal lips and clitoris. This can be achieved by placing the Passion Penis Pump, over the upper part of the vaginal opening and gently start to pump. She will cum like never before, with her clitoris and pussy lips full of blood. Any couple not using the Passion Penis Pump, during their love making sessions are missing out on a very exciting and pleasurable experience for both partners.

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